Jobs After MCA

Are you puzzled between the questions like is there are jobs after mca other than IT field? Student thinks that MCA degree may only have great employment opportunities in top IT companies’ .but actually it’s not completely true. MCA qualified students can find jobs easily in government and private sector. Numerous jobs are available in different fields. The different fields are: IT BANKING ACADEMIC GOVT.SECTOR • IT 1. Software Consultant = Today, consultancy is a great career option for those with a MCA degree. Software consultants evaluate a business and provide their feedback and recommend software solutions that drive business efficiency. You can either work independently or join a consultancy firm. 2. Software Application Architect - If you decide to become a software application architect after your MCA, you will have to make high-level decisions with regards to the design and architecture of IT products. You will have to develop technical protocols and guidelines such as coding tools, platforms and standards. 3. Hardware Engineer - If you have a knack for machines, then this is the right job for you. As a hardware engineer, you will get to work with hardware such as circuit boards, hard disk, wires, computer chips, router, and other components. 4. Systems Engineer - Systems engineers do the important job of designing programs and writing code for operating systems and other software. You may specialize in hardware or software part of it, depending on your interest. 5. Web designer and developer - This is one of the most high-in-demand jobs after a MCA degree. As the name suggests, a web designer or developer is responsible for building websites. If you have a flair for aesthetics and a creative bent of mind, then this might be the right job choice for you. ( ) • BANKING With MCA as qualification, you can get various technical positions in the banking sector. MCA passed candidates can apply for bank jobs in Technical department, PO and IT department. ( • ACADEMIC MCA graduates can also opt for lecturer posts in Government colleges. Like professor, assistant professor, lecturer or they can do PhD. For becoming the professor you want to crack the entrance exam. Like net, set, gate etc For more dtails.. • GOVT.SECTOR Students with Master in Computer Applications (MCA) qualifications have good chances in central and state government organizations. There has been a rise in need of Software related youngsters in the government sector. UPSC department conduct the examination for the followings posts like: IAS exam, IPS exam, CDS exam for employing in the Defense service of the Indian Air Force for Technical and Pilot job posts, Civil service examination for getting job in the Indian railways in Technical department, Indian Army and Indian navy. SSC examination for Indian air force jobs, Indian navy jobs, jobs in CBI department and job as CID officer. For more details( ) • OTHERS A. Technical Writer - If you have an aptitude for writing, you can combine your technical knowledge and writing skills to become a professional writer. Technical writers are responsible for writing technical documents such as design specifications, technology blogs, white papers, user guides, project plans, and more. B. Entrepreneurship - You can be your own boss, and start your own business in the field of IT or another industry where you can use your IT knowledge to offer products and services to your targeted client base. However, it is advisable that you first gain some industry experience after completing your MCA, and then launch your entrepreneurial venture.