Safe Online Payment Apps

1. BHIM App The first in the list of best online payment apps is BHIM app. BHIM app is developed and launched by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). NPCI is a government organization manages all retail payment systems in India. The app is launched in December 2016 to help you make online payments via UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Fearures: • The app is well-designed and well-managed. • The interface of the app is coolest among all other mobile wallets and UPI apps. You can make online payments to anyone using VPA, mobile number or even IFSC and account number. • BHIM app is secure, simple and super fast as said by the NPCI. You have to link your bank account with the app in order to use BHIM app. • The app is backed by the government which makes it more reliable than any other app. The app also has some limitations: • You cannot make payments of more than ?10000/transaction and ?20000 daily. • You cannot add more than one account at the same time in BHIM app. However, you can change accounts anytime and the process for the same is very easy and fast. 2. PhonePe App Another online payment app which can help in digital payments is PhonePe. The app is launched recently and got many positive reviews from users. The app is a wallet with built in UPI support. You can use this app to recharge your phone, pay your bills and make payments. You can add money to its wallet to perform transactions quickly. But for a more secure experience, use UPI to make all types of payments. Features: • The PhonePe app has a beautifully designed interface. • It also has too many features including online payments of electricity bills and insurance premiums. • You can also scan UPI QR codes to pay and generate your own UPI QR code also. It makes it a little bit better app than BHIM in terms of features. The app also has some limitations: • The app is less secure than BHIM app. • You can not only pay at merchants but also send money to bank accounts. Just like BHIM app, you can send money using beneficiary’s mobile number, VPA or even IFSC and account number. This is a must-have feature in an online payment app. The app also has some limitations: • You can not recharge Airtel mobile number and Airtel digital accounts as of now. • The app also has fewer cashback offers on payments than other main players like Paytm and Freecharge. 3. Freecharge Freecharge is one of the best online payment apps in India. This Snapdeal acquired company is launched in 2010 by Sandeep Tandon and Kunal Shah. The app is easy to use and has a lot of great offers to enjoy. Initially, Freecharge was a recharge company which gave amazing cashbacks to customers. But now it has become a full-fledged mobile wallet. Features: • You can recharge your phones, pay utility bills, pay insurance premiums as well as send money to others. • However, sending money is currently limited to Freecharge users only. • The app also has some unique features such as auto-pay feature and virtual card feature. Along with all these features, you can use Freecharge as an online payment app. You can also pay at shops and other places. Recently, Freecharge included UPI in its android app. • Now, you can make all your payments using UPI also. Along with UPI, Freecharge also gives you the options of credit/debit cards, net banking and its wallet money. The app also has some limitations: • The main drawback is its limits. • You can only add up to ?20000 in his wallet. • Also, you can not send or transfer moneyto someone’s bank account. 4. Paytm Paytm needs not any introduction. It is the most popular and one of the most used online payment apps in India. Paytm is launched in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma as an E-commerce company. There are countless reasons for Paytm’s popularity. It is easy to use. It has a lot of features and gives too many amazing cashback offers. Features: • Paytm’s interface is not as good as Freecharge or BHIM but better than ICICI Pockets. • You can recharge, pay bills, pay insurance premiums and book tickets and hotels with the Paytm app. • There are too many platforms where you can pay with paytm such as BookMyShow, IRCTC etc. You can even pay your gas and water bills using Paytm. • Paytm has a very good option for merchant sign up. It lets you sign up as a merchant and generate a QR code for your shop. Whenever someone has to pay you, he/she just need to scan the QR code, fill the amount and pay. Online payments got easier with QR code scanning. • It also included UPI with the latest update. But you can only use UPI to send money using the mobile number. • Moreover,Paytm also sells goods within the app. • There you can buy items at cheap prices and get cashback offers. The app also has some limitations: • This app also has some drawbacks as compared to other wallet apps such as Freecharge. • It does not give you the option to create a virtual card which can be useful for digital payments. • Paytm is less secure too when compared with BHIM, SBI Pay or ICICI Pockets. Number of installs: 1,000,000+ 5. ICICI Pockets Pockets is one of the best online payment apps in India. You can make digital payments easily and securely with Pockets. The app is developed by ICICI bank originally as an E-wallet app. But later the bank has integrated UPI with the app to make it more useful. The app has a colourful childish interface which is not as good as other apps in my opinion. If you prefer a minimal interface then probably you won’t like the Pockets app. But if you like to have more features than any other wallet then this app is for you. The app has too many unique and helpful features. Unlike other wallets, Feature: • Pockets creates a virtual card for you. • You can use the card details for online payments. • The interesting thing about the Pockets app is that you can apply for the physical card also. So that you can use this card at any PoS machines/swipe machines also. This overcomes the drawback of fewer websites integration with the app. • Moreover, you can also apply for Pockets savings account. If you apply for the savings account, you will get the interest in your wallet money. • The Pockets from ICICI is a complete package of a digital payment app. • It has almost all the payment methods such as UPI, cards, wallet money, net banking etc. • Even after having too many features the app managed to give a decent speed on transactions. I have tried the app myself and never faced issues in any of the transactions.